Dale Yurong
Action News Live at 6:30 anchor Dale Yurong is celebrating 34 years with ABC30. For three decades he has enjoyed telling the untold stories of the Valley.

The Stockton native graduated with a Communications degree from the University of the Pacific. He and his wife have three children.

The Emmy-award winning journalist has also been named Associated Press Reporter of the Year. Dale established Ag Watch to give viewers insight into the valley's number-one industry. He is a two-time winner of the Fresno County Farm Bureau Award and has garnered many other honors.

You may recall his days as a Sports Anchor. Yurong has interviewed elite athletes such as Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan but he especially enjoyed watching locals like Bruce Bowen and Olympic snowboarder Andy Finch realize their childhood dreams.

In his spare time, Dale likes to read, play basketball and tend to his tropical plants.

The Central California SPCA took in over 27,000 animals last year. It is not a happy story for the strays--of the 10,000 dogs impounded just 1,123 were reclaimed.
The wing off Jerry Thompson's racecar he used to run at Kearney Bowl served to showcase the Eddie's Speed Shop sign. This is just one more step towards preserving and protecting a lot of the nostalgia and a lot of the great memorabilia and some of the great iconic signs that are here in Fresno. Sparking memories is just part of CEO John Alkire's plan. Eddie's speed shop was the go-to place on Blackstone for folks who raced everything from cars to speedboats. "The need for speed was tremendous and always has been in Fresno. That's a part of our culture. Go through out our museums and you'll see racing about in every inch in our museum," said Alkire. The Louie Kee Market sign has found a prominent place. The West Fresno staple closed after 93 years in business and the Fresno Motel sign offers roadside retro off the Golden State Highway. "The Fresno Motel was family fun and affordable for everyone and you found that was a very, very popular place and that's why that sign is so important to Fresno county and the history of it," said Alkire. Inside the Paul Paul Theater so many signs stir emotional connections to the past, the cowboy from the hacienda, Lester Burger and the Basque Hotel--each piece part of a historical puzzle. "It's like an Easter egg hunt Dale when you find a big egg, not just a little small egg but a big egg it means a lot to us and warms our heart because it's telling us we're hitting a nerve here in Fresno," said Alkire.
It's Malunggay for many Filipinos. Munaga for some Indians, but local farmers learned Tuesday it can also be a value-added crop.
This summer, Northside Church in Fresno changed its name to Cross City Church. Pastors say the name change was made in part to focus more on the church's mission rather than its location.
Local company Suntreat developed its own variety of orange called the Sumo Citrus Mandarin which can fetch a high price overseas. And what better person to help market it than four-time world Sumo champion Byamba.