Joe Ybarra
Joe Ybarra has been working as a reporter for ABC30 since April 2015, but he's not new to the Central Valley. Born and raised in Visalia, Joe has explored nearly every part of the region and loves the work he does everyday.

In 2005, Joe started working in Fresno as a news photographer. He gained valuable experience behind the scenes while working his first job in news. Several years later, he was given the opportunity to step in front of the camera and report. Since then, he's fused his passion for photography and love for storytelling as a multi-media journalist.

Many of the stories you'll see by Joe are handcrafted from start to finish. He is proud of the work he does here because this is his home.

Moments before the graduation ceremony we found Gabriela Rudino, a mother of two originally from Mexico who never got a shot at high school.
A huge sense of heartbreak remains throughout Fresno after Tuesday's violence. On Thursday, religious leaders with Fresno-Clovis Pastors Clusters took steps to heal the community.
In the wake of Tuesday's deadly shooting spree, there is heartbreak in the streets of Central Fresno and growing memorials for the victims.
Kori Muhammad, 39, is in Fresno Police custody after a shooting rampage in Downtown Fresno.
In Northeast Fresno police said desperate times are fueling a burglary problem.