Nathalie Granda
Nathalie Granda joined the Action News Team in July 2016 as the North Valley Reporter.

Before coming to the west coast, Nathalie worked as a multimedia journalist at KVII-TV in Amarillo, TX. During her time there, she covered stories ranging from the new open carry laws, a summer camp aimed at helping kids facing cancer, and reported about several law enforcement agencies in the area placing 'In God We Trust" stickers on their vehicles.

Nathalie graduated with from the Missouri School of Journalism with a B.A. in Radio/TV Journalism and a minor in Spanish. She grew up in Miami, FL, but would visit family in Los Angeles every year.

When she's not working, Nathalie loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, being outdoors and being anywhere with live music.

Nathalie is excited to join the Action News team, and looks forward to covering Merced, Madera, and Mariposa Counties. You can reach her on Facebook and Twitter if you have a story idea, or just to say "Hi!"

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