Career Conference for Hmong Students

March 8, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Hmong teenagers from the valley got a little push Saturday to get into the health care business as doctors or nurses.The Center for New Americans hosted this health care career conference for college kids, and high school juniors and seniors.

Organizers say there are about 30,000 Hmong people in the Fresno area, but only a handful of Hmong doctors and nurses. They say that means a lot of people won't even go see a doctor.

Silas Cha, Fresno Center for New Americans, says "Communication is easier with the same language. A doctor who is able to relate to the patient culturally and linguistically will draw the patient who speaks limited English."

The students got to meet some of the few Hmong health care professionals and they learned about some of the ways they can get money to pursue those careers.