Trent Dilfer Talks at Easter Services

March 23, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
A Fresno State legend made a guest appearance in the valley Sunday to share a story of strength on Easter.The former Bulldog quarterback shared his super bowl stories with hundreds of people at Northside Church. But he also talked about some personal struggles.

Dilfer has been a Christian for a long time and he says that helped his family survive the loss of a son.

5-year-old Trevin Dilfer died five years ago from heart disease. That's why the quarterback says he tells people to realize how important every moment is.

"Embrace life. Its difficulties, its great times and really live in the moment. I think that's something our family's learned is to appreciate the great times and work through and grow through the hard times."

Dilfer says his son had professed his faith in Jesus just six months before he came down with the heart infection that killed him.