Brandstater Braces for Season

April 14, 2008 9:38:07 PM PDT
Knee braces and ankle braces are common place in football. But what about football players wearing braces to straighten their teeth?Bulldog quarterback Tom Brandstater just might be the only signal caller in the country with a mouth full of metal. The senior is hoping an offseason of braces will help him keep a promise to his mom while improving his smile.

"I got myself a grill now," says Brandstater. It's the second time I've had braces. I never won the retainer I had in high school so I'm really doing it for my poor ol' mom. She paid to have my teeth straighten once before and I wasted the money. I might be the only quarterback in the nation wearing braces but I'm hoping they'll be off by the time September rolls around.