Potential veeps make rounds

August 17, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
The presidential nominees-in-waiting will pick their running mates soon and several possible candidates for the Number-2 spot appeared on the Sunday talk shows. Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who's pro-choice, told "Fox News Sunday" he thinks Republicans would accept a vice presidential candidate who supports abortion rights.

Another possible John McCain running mate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, told NBC's "Meet The Press" that he doesn't want to be vice president and won't be the nominee.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama and his advisers are refusing to talk about the process.

Tomorrow, he plans to visit New Mexico, home of Governor Bill Richardson. And Obama plans to spend Wednesday and Thursday in Virginia, home of Governor Tim Kaine.

Both governors were on the talk shows, but neither revealed whether they expected to be Obama's choice. Kaine says "it's very unlikely."

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