Man sentenced to life in ex-girlfriend's killing

November 10, 2010 2:48:38 PM PST
(11/10/10) -- It is life in prison without parole for the man convicted of gunning down his ex-girlfriend in her Flint Township apartment more than five years ago.Tajuan Williams was sentenced this morning in the May 2005 shooting death of Janien Cobbin.

Judge Geoffrey Neithercut called this one of the more calculated, premeditated murders he's ever seen.

Three of Cobbin's family members spoke this morning: her daughter, father and cousin.

"This sentence certainly will not bring Janien back, but it is my hope that it will keep the defendant from committing another horrific crime," daughter Natiiya Cobbin said.

"It gives me such satisfaction, that, when you come out, just as you left her dead, you come out in a body bag. You are a coward and a sick excuse me SOB. And I'm glad you had the arrogance to boast about it," said Janien Cobbin's cousin Helen Russell.

Williams confessed to killing Cobbin to another prisoner. His defense team argued that taped prison confession was illegally obtained.

Williams was charged in Cobbin's death in 2007, two years after she was killed and was convicted last month.

At his sentencing today, his attorney asked for a new trial, but the judge denied that.

Williams also asked to be absent for his sentencing.

Judge Neithercut made him stay.

"I sympathize with Janien's family, you know? I miss Janien just as much as they do, but I'm not the one who killed Janien, much as everyone want to feel that I did," Williams said in court.

Williams indicated in court today that he plans to appeal.

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