Fresno school trains and prepares for shooting crisis

March 4, 2013 12:27:46 AM PST
The recent school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and At Taft High School have caused many schools to re-think their safety procedures.

Teachers and staff at the Fresno Adventist Academy received special training Sunday on what to do if a shooter comes on campus.

School officials asked consultants from the Multi-Joint Action Advisory Group to help train everyone to be better prepared in case a shooting ever happens on their campus.

Principal Eric Johsnon said, "I believe we need to learn to be proactive not reactive and we have a large open campus and we have 40 acres and we do drills but not lockdown drills."

The consultants recommend schools have a plan in place before an incident occurs. They advise to repeatedly practice lockdown drills.

The group travels across the country teaching lockdown procedures to schools, churches, and various organizations.

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