FPD updates training center with grant funds

March 16, 2013 12:52:01 AM PDT
A grant awarded to Fresno police will help the department make improvements to its training center.

Chief Jerry Dyer announced Friday the department received a $20,000 dollar grant, from State Farm Insurance.

The funds will allow expanded driver training opportunities which promote safe driving habits for officers. At the facility, officers practice on the pursuit course, and learn defensive driving techniques to use in different scenarios.

Dyer said, "The truth of the matter is hands on training, situational training and at this facility is not only gonna save officers, lines but also save citizens lives."

Chief Dyer says the department plans on using the funding to purchase more equipment for the facility.

In the past year, they have put officers through about 9,600 hours of training. The facility is also used to train cadets going through the police academy at FCC.