8 reasons to get excited about Super Bowl XLVIII (besides the football)

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image "><span></span></div><span class="caption-text">The ads, of course.  For some, the best part of the Super Bowl is what happens during the time-outs. Companies shell out millions &#40;&#36;4 million per 30 seconds, to be exact&#41; to win our hearts - and it often works &#40;tell us you didn&#39;t cry at last year&#39;s Clydesdales &#34;Brotherhood&#34; ad!&#41;. This year many companies have released their ads on YouTube days before the game to start building buzz. And yes, Budweiser is back with another tearjerker. (Photo&#47;KGO)</span></div>
January 31, 2014 11:11:05 AM PST