Musical mavericks make waves

Two Clovis teenagers are being recognized for their musical talents on a national level.
March 13, 2014 3:45:08 PM PDT
Two Clovis teenagers are being recognized for their musical talents on a national level. They've already accomplished more in their young lives than most people do in a lifetime.

The sound of music often fills the Clovis home of 14-year-old Grace Kane Except this particular song, "Gonna Love You" is one she recorded professionally alongside Christian artist Kari Jobe. It's on Gateway Next's "Look Up" album.

Grace described the experience: "I got to go into the studio and record, which was just the coolest experience. I was nervous, as usual, but it just felt really natural."

If that experience in and of itself wasn't cool enough, that same song won a Dove Award last October, essentially the Christian music equivalent of a Grammy.

Grace couldn't attend the ceremony, but Kari did, and she texted Grace "U just won a Dove Award."

Grace remembers, "I got the text and it said we won, we won the Dove Award! It won Children's Worship Album of the Year! And it was just kinda unreal for a little bit. I'm just doing what I love and I'm using it to glorify God."

And she continues to do that, serving as worship leader at her church, The Well. Grace didn't get a trophy yet, but her name is right there for everyone to see on the official winners list on the Dove Awards site.

A love of music is also what took Buchanan senior Michael Gutierrez all the way to music's biggest stage.

The trumpet player was selected for the exclusive 18-member Grammy jazz band.

He said walking the red carpet was unbelievable: "You know you get that feeling, wait, what just happened?"

He rubbed elbows with famous names in the music industry, at the Grammy pre-party for nominees and the after party. He sent in this YouTube video as his audition. Competition was stiff, with entries from all over the country.

"Everybody's from New York, I'm from Miami Florida, I'm from Los Angeles. Where you from? I'm from Fresno. And they're like where's that?" Thanks to Michael, now they know.

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