Police release list of Fresno's top five identity thieves

A convicted identity thief has advice to help you avoid being the next victim. (KFSN)
May 8, 2014 3:16:23 PM PDT
A convicted identity thief has advice to help you avoid being the next victim. This, as Fresno police release their new list of top five identity thieves. And there's one thing many of these wanted people have in common.

One man and four women are on the list of criminals who detectives say has repeatedly ripped off the identities of countless people for profit.

Police say every one of these ID thieves are repeat offenders who have bail amounts that are a half a million dollars or no bail. But they are still being set free. Four out of five are women, and police say that's an emerging trend.

Fresno police say Cherice McMillian was wanted all over the state when she was picked up at a house in Southwest Fresno on Thursday. Investigators say she is a burglar and identity thief.

Tim Tietjen with the Fresno Police Department said, "She has a warrant and is on parole in Oregon and she has warrants in Bakersfield, Sacramento, Fresno, and this is kind of a pattern with them, you want to spread out that identity theft."

McMillian is not currently on the list of top five identity thieves, but police say she represents a growing group the hottest and most successful in Fresno. They are women and by hot we mean experts at stealing personal information. Investigators say they are organized and sophisticated. The police chief has also noticed the troubling trend.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer explained, "For whatever reason, maybe people are less suspicious of females when they go in and commit an identity theft but they are the ones that we are coming across more frequently that are victimizing the most people."

The number one ID thief was picked up hours after the list was released. A tip led police to Antwoine Sconiers in Southwest Fresno.

Number two is Amanda Nicoletti, police say she is known to create checks using other people's information.

Investigators say Natalie Ragsdale got a line of credit at a local pet hospital with someone else's information and racked up thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Regina Carrillo is number four on the list and rounding out the top five is Heather Thomas. Police say during a previous arrest Thomas had a detailed list of strangers' names and social security numbers.

Detectives say many of these thieves are getting your personal information from mailboxes and trash cans. A lot of information is also taken during home and car burglaries. Officers say one car thief they recently tracked down also had hit up several mailboxes and had a trunk full of stolen mail.

Investigators say if you take your trash out at night, it gives thieves even more time to sift through it to gather your personal information. And once it's out at the curb, it's no longer considered your property.

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