Cal Fire Chief turned murder suspect officially fired from job

Cal Fire is taking all the necessary steps to cut ties with suspected murderer Orville Fleming. (KFSN)
May 8, 2014 3:16:23 PM PDT
Cal Fire is taking all the necessary steps to cut ties with suspected murderer Orville Fleming. Fleming has been missing since last Thursday after authorities say he killed a woman he was living with. He's a fugitive wanted in the stabbing death of a Sacramento woman.

For 24 years Orville Fleming was a fireman dedicated to saving lives. But today his career ended one week after being accused of not saving a life but taking one.

"He has not showed up for work now for five consecutive days so he is no longer an employee," says Cal Fire PIO Daniel Berlant.

Fleming is the main suspect in the stabbing death of 26-year-old Sarah Douglas. It's believed they met on MyRedBook.Com. An escort service website where Douglas advertised as a prostitute. The victim's family says the couple dated for two years and Fleming killed her out of jealousy. But Fleming's estranged wife who lives in Clovis claims Douglas was blackmailing and threatening fleming for unpaid wages.

"This has nothing to do with the allegations against him this is simply that he has not shown up for work for five consecutive days," Berlant.

According to CalPERS, the organization that handles retirement for california public employees, if state employees are convicted of a felony their pension is revoked. But right now Cal Fire officials say they're letting the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office work on their investigation before any further decisions are made.

"It's simply that he did not show up for work for five consecutive days and we consider that an a-wol employee and this action we would take for any employee," says Berlant.

Fleming is an avid outdoorsman and investigators think he might be hiding in the wilderness. He's been known to frequent the Sierra Mountains, the Santa Cruz mountains and Yosemite. His Cal Fire car was last seen miles away from the crime scene so it's unlikely he ran away on foot and may be working with an accomplice.

Fleming is considered armed and dangerous. Detectives believe he has two pistols in his possession.

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