New sexual assault charges for ex-deputy in Tulare County

43-year-old William Nulick appeared in court in connection with those new charges. (KFSN)
May 13, 2014 5:12:17 PM PDT
A former Tulare County Sheriff's deputy accused of forcing women to commit sex acts to get out of traffic tickets, could be headed back to jail. 43-year-old William Nulick appeared in court in connection with those new charges.

Authorities say there are now a total of four women who are making accusations against him. Investigators say the former deputy assaulted four different women since August of 2013. All while in uniform on patrol.

Nulick nodded his head in agreement with the judge on Tuesday, during a hearing to decide if the former Tulare County Sheriff's deputy should be put back in custody with a higher bail, because of new charges he's now facing. In total, Nulick faces 18 counts of sexual assault.

Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward said, "Due to the nature of those charges, the severity of those charges the bail schedule that has been set for the county and the courts asks for a much more higher bail amount than was originally set."

Nulick was originally charged with sexual assault back in October of 2013 -- after a woman claims he pulled her over and forced her to commit a sexual act to get out of a ticket. Investigators say they were able to back up the woman's claims with video surveillance and GPS tracking. Since the charge, two other women have come forward claiming Nulick assaulted them, too.

Ward explained, "We've got two victims that are involved in situations under the color of authority in his position at the time of an officer of inappropriate contact touching and or sexual battery."

And just recently, investigators discovered a fourth victim, claiming she was forced to commit a sex act after he pulled her over during a traffic stop. The victim was in court today, hoping to see Nulick go back to jail. Prosecutors stated during the hearing that she was fearful for her life. The judge ultimately decided to listen to the evidence during the preliminary hearing before deciding if he should face a higher bail.

Ward added, "All of the incidents are related to him being in the exercise of his function his position as a deputy sheriff at the time."

The district attorney's office says because of how the law has changed recently, and the number of charges Nulick is facing, he could face life in prison. He'll be back in court at the end of the month.

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