Made in the Valley: Kings Canyon Wood Products

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A Sanger company is helping farmers move their fruits and vegetables around the country. (KFSN)

A Sanger company is helping farmers move their fruits and vegetables around the country.

Raw wood is being cut and drilled by the minute to make the perfect bin at Kings Canyon Wood Products in Sanger.

"So we'll do fruit bins and nut and almond bins. Any kind of tree fruit, vegetable that's put into, pretty much, the wooden bin we deal with," said Chris George, Kings Canyon Wood Products.

Chris George has seen almost every aspect of the business, which depends on the agriculture industry. His father, Mike, started the business in 1998.

"We started repairing for people and then we started to build new bins and ever since then the business has kind of taken off," said George.

These days the company employs about 16 people who put together each piece by hand. It takes some people about 2 1/2 minutes to put together a bin.

"We are one of the fastest in the Valley. These guys work really hard and we can't beat them," said George.

Kings Canyon makes new bins everyday but another part of their business is repairing or recycling well used bins. Outside on their grounds, bins are stacked as high as the eye can see. Many with years of experience and the history of local companies. Kings Canyon also makes pallets from recycled wood and even recycles the extra wood into chips. The company has grown in its 19 years.

"All over the Central Valley. We deal with four states here in the United States. And we also send it to Australia, Afghanistan. Several of our companies deal with Asian nations like China Japan, Taiwan," said George.

The boxes created here are helping bring food to people across the Valley and world.

"It's a good feeling. I think everyone here, even the employees, take pride in their work and that's why we've been number one for years now," said George.
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