Made in the Valley: Merced Screw Products

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Made in the Valley: Merced Screw Products (KFSN)

A North Valley company is helping machines and products run with its manufacturing products. Here's a look at the passion behind Merced Screw Products.

The sound of machinery fills the air at Merced screw products as intricate pieces are formed. For president Steve Centivich it's a soothing hum he's heard for nearly five decades.

"My whole life. I've done it since I was a teenager, so it's... very passionate to me," said Steve Centivich, Merced Screw Products President.

Centivich has been with the company since it moved from the Bay Area to Merced in 1967.
The company produces parts used in several industries and not necessarily just screws.

"My little products go in their equipment. And even though it cost, this little 50-cent part, will go into a $10,000 piece of equipment. I take pride in that," said Centivich.

The employees make all of the parts from rods and then clean and sharpen them to just the right measurements. They even use vintage equipment. Some of the Brown and Sharpe machines are 50 to 70 years old, but they can manufacture up to 3,000 pieces a day. Centivich does a lot of parts work to keep it running.

Merced Screw Products has 60 employees. They've also developed their own apprenticeship training program to teach employees this special way of manufacturing.

"The products and materials we produce travel all over the world. Whether we ship it to Germany or we have our materials going to certain parts that do travel," said John Befumo, Merced Screw Products Production Manager.

Merced Screw Products is one of the largest manufacturers of screw machines on the West Coast. Centivich says although his company competes with overseas businesses, he remains committed to producing an American made product.

"They want to put that pride, that stamp on there again - Made in the USA. They want that. And so, that's my goal is to keep the products here," said Centivich.
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