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If you had a glass of water this morning, It may have been treated by a company in the North Valley. (KFSN)

If you had a glass of water this morning, It may have been treated by a company in the North Valley.

One by one, tablets are being compressed and turned out at TriFresh Technologies in Merced. These tablets have a big impact on one of our most precious resources.

"Water is our most important thing. And having safe drinking water, having safe vegetable wash water irrigation water, is something that we all have to make sure that is going on out there so that the food product is safe for people to consume," said Todd White, triFresh Technologies general manager.

TriFresh started in 2006 and they make treatments for everything from drinking water systems for cities and farms to septic systems in the Midwest.

"Basically you put a tablet, you lift the lid and drop the tablets in. This one will hold 150 pounds, 3 pails. It'll treat 4,000 gallons a minute," said White.

White says this proper water treatment can have a major impact on the very food you eat.

"We keep the drip irrigation lines free and clear so that the water distributes properly throughout the entire irrigation system. And the other big benefit is we kill the bacteria that is also on the water so that there's no foodborne illness put on the vegetable."

The product is sold from coast to coast and even as far as the island of Micronesia. The company employees 11 people and moved there manufacturing from India to Merced in 2015.

"I felt it was better to have the production here, putting Americans to work since we were sending this product out into America and have a domestic made product instead of a foreign made product," said White.

This year, triFresh is projected to create two million pounds of tablets from their North Valley facility, treating drinking sources and irrigation here in the Valley and beyond.


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