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Southwest Fresno group making sure kids steer clear of troubled neighborhoods

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Every day, as the buses pull up, Joby Jones waits patiently by the corner of the school. (KFSN)

Every day, as the buses pull up, Joby Jones waits patiently by the corner of the school, waving and catching up with all his kids.

Joby Jones is a Street Saint --part of a program that shuttles kids to and from Southwest Fresno schools.

The 10 to 15-minute walk home can be the volatile time of the day.

"I notice they won't do certain things at school, they'll squash it on their way home. They'll catch stuff out here on the street, so hopefully, we don't catch them doing nothing," said Jones.

The idea began four years ago after Fresno Unified built Gaston Middle School on gang territory known as the U.

"At first it was horror, because you know different community, different kids, and different attitudes trying to get them all to mesh."

Joby spent weeks driving around and breaking up fights from the schoolyard to MLK Boulevard.

"We can't control the family that we were born into, but we can control what happens in our lives."

Now, as he cruises down the street --kids openly flag him down for advice.

"Yeah, a lot of them call me dad, I just try to be there for them."

It's a level of trust that took years of mileage to build.

"Make sure there ain't no nonsense, what's up you all."

It all starts every day, with a smile and a nod--reassuring them he will always be there.
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