No issues reported about new admission rules at Big Fresno Fair

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If you are attending the Big Fresno Fair this weekend be prepared to wear a wristband (KFSN)

If you are attending the Big Fresno Fair this weekend be prepared to wear a wristband and see more police officers on the grounds.

Fair management and the Fresno Police Department worked together to put new safety measures in place this year, including requiring people to wear wristbands on Fridays and Saturdays while on the fairgrounds--the change in policy did not seem to slow things down.

"I don't think the wristbands really held us up when we tried to get in the fair it wasn't really a long wait I think the only thing that really took longer was the security check because I had to take stuff out of my pockets but that's about it," said Christian Matsumoto.

Fair management says they were able to keep the lines quickly moving even on one of their busiest days.

"The entire grand stand was sold out for racing one of our parking lots has been full all day so weve definitely had a great crowd and there hasn't been any delay in any of the lines," said Deputy Manager Lauri King.

Also new this year, kids and teens under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 21 after 7 p.m. But that does not mean they need to accompany them throughout the fairgrounds. Fair managers say as long as that guardian walks them through security, they are allowed to split up from there.

"You never know what's going to happen and being with somebody that's older and more responsibility-- it's just safer that way," said Adrian Saenz.

The fair has also boosted security by hiring more police officers this year, and for the first time, the Fresno Police Department now has on-site access to the grounds' surveillance videos--allowing them to have eyes everywhere and quick response times.

"If somebody was to do something we have the ability to go back and look at it or have the fairs folks come in here to get a recording back for us so that's a huge investigative tool for us especially on extremely crowded nights," said Richard Tucker.

Lt. Richard tucker says the last thing they want to do is keep people from getting into the fair, but after problems caused in the past-- this wristband policy will only help keep things running smoothly.
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