Vegetable Buddha Bowl

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A dish that will keep you feeling full and satisfied all day long. (KFSN)

Serves 2

  • 1 sweet potato, or "yam", 1 inch cubes
  • 1 head cauliflower, chopped
  • 1 bunch kale, chopped
  • 1 red onion, cut into wedges
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Crispy Chickpeas (recipe to follow)
  • Tahini dressing (recipe to follow)

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  2. Arrange cubes sweet potatoes, cauliflower, & onions on a lined baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil & stir to coat. Make sure veggies are in a single layer. Sprinkle on salt & pepper. Bake for 20 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile chop kale and drizzle with olive oil and more salt.

  4. After veggies are in oven for 20 minutes, add Kale to baking sheet on top of veggies and cook an additional 5 minutes.

  5. Divide veggies into 2 bowls, add on crispy Chickpeas and drizzle with dressing. Option to serve over cooked brown rice.

Crispy Chickpeas

  1. 1 can garbanzo beans
  2. 1 tsp cumin
  3. 3/4 tsp garlic powder
  4. 3/4 tsp chili powder
  5. 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  6. 1/4 tsp turmeric
  7. Salt & pepper

  1. Combine all ingredients until well mixed.

  2. Cook in a large oven safe skillet over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

  3. Transfer to oven for 5 additional minutes to make them extra crispy.

Tahini sauce

  • 1/4 cups tahini
  • 1 Tan maple syrup
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • 2-4 tsp hot water

Mix first 3 ingredients with a whisk until well combined. Slowly add in water as needed to dilute dressing to make it easy to drizzle into the bowl.
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