Clothing designed to repel mosquitos making the bugs bug off

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Fashion experts say "everyday anti-insect wear" is the next big thing (KFSN)

Cases of Zika virus have now been reported in almost every state in the country. But there's a way to ward off those disease spreading mosquitoes without insect repellent.

Ilana Shor wears a secret weapon to repel mosquitoes.

"I wanted to find something to be able to protect myself."

That's because Shor's trying to get pregnant and keeping potentially Zika carrying bugs at bay is critical. So she ordered these shirts and wraps, which are actually designed to repel insects.

"Most insect repellent clothing you find at like, a hiking or camping store and I wasn't really looking for something that really looked outdoorsy and tan and olive colors."

We found hip lines of fashionable clothing-- all specially treated to repel bugs. From business casual, to sleek and sporty, and some even sold by big name stores.

Fashion experts say "everyday anti-insect wear" is the next big thing.

"Growth has skyrocketed and we really believe it's due in large measure due to the Zika scare," said Abe Rudman, Hook & Tackle.

Clothing is treated with an EPA-approved insect repellent called permethrin. It's been used by the US military for years.

Even the CDC's Zika warning page recommends using permethrin-treated clothing.

"It's completely harmless, completely odorless, it's a lot better than spraying insecticide on your clothing, there's no smell to it," said Josh Crocker, Nobitech Spokesperson.

A video by insect shield showed how permethrin works. A shirt is untreated and the mosquitoes cling to it, but a shirt that is treated make the bugs-- "bug off"-- and protection is built-in.

"You can't forget to put it on because you're always wearing it," said Rudman.

Shor said wearing an invisible bug fighting shield gives her pre-pregnancy peace of mind.

"The clothing feels like regular clothes. So leggings feel like regular leggings, cotton feels like cotton. It's just pretreated so that this way you don't have to be doing the work yourself."

Makers said the treated clothing remains effective for about 70 washes and it also repels other insects like ticks, ants, and fleas.
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