Tips to help you succeed with your New Year resolutions

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The New Year is here and for many of us that means making resolutions. (KFSN)

The New Year is here and for many of us that means making resolutions.

As the ball dropped and people celebrated the start of 2016, many also took time to think of their new years resolutions.

According to our exclusive SurveyUSA poll about New Years resolutions, Valley residents are looking forward to change. The majority of people, 29 percent, say they want to lose weight or get in shape. That was followed by saving money and paying off debts. Ten percent also want to stop smoking. And seven percent hope to get a new job.

We turned to fitness trainer April de Jong to get a head start sticking to your goals. "The three main tips would be to move more, to journal your food and to make realistic goals for yourself."

She says people should get moving for at least 30 minutes a day and stay consistent. Lifting weights can help you gain muscle and boost your metabolism, but diet is also key.

"You're probably consuming more calories than you know. You are with a little bit here and there. So when you're food journaling you can see where you are struggling," said de Jong.

When it comes to getting out of debt, financial advisor Matthew White, Endurance Investment Strategies founder, has a philosophy. "Live proudly and unapologetically below your means."

White says that first step is critical. "So if people are struggling with debt usually there is a core issue of not living below your means. So if we fix that problem, debt, saving for retirement, planning for college for their kids, whatever their goal is, will fall into place."

He adds change your relationship with money, don't use retail therapy to help you feel better. "Its really important that we guard ourselves on what we allow ourselves to hear on a daily basis, so we focus on what we truly need, now what we want."

And the payoff for your hard work can be financial freedom. So, whether your goal is big or small, experts say it's a new year and a chance for a new you.

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