Governor Brown's new budget to increase funding for education

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Governor Jerry Brown would like to make a $2-billion deposit into the state's rainy day fund. (KFSN)

Governor Jerry Brown would like to make a $2-billion deposit into the state's rainy day fund. The 2016-17 state budget also offers a big boost to education.

Governor Brown resisted calls to boost funds for social programs and warned of a possible economic downturn in releasing his state budget. "Everyone thinks when they're up here it's all wonderful. That's what they thought before the dot-com and that's what they thought before the mortgage meltdown. Both of those, so here we are again."

Students and parents were relieved to learn the Governor's budget would keep college tuition flat, no increases at both CSU and UC campuses. "That's really good because not a lot of people have that kind of money. A lot of people are taking loans and stuff so that's really good no tuition increase," said Joyson Therampilly, kinesiology major.

The Governor's 2016-17 state budget would boost K-12 spending to $10,591 per student, up $3,600 from 2011-12. Three-Billion dollars would go to a cap and trade plan to reduce greenhouse emissions and support clean transportation. "Cap and trade dollars should not be used to fund high-speed rail. It is a gross polluter that will destroy farms, homes, businesses and families," said Senator Andy Vidak (R).

Over the next decade, $36-billion would also be spent on state infrastructure to improve our highways and roads. When you add special funds and bonds the spending plan goes up to $170 billion dollars.

Now that the Governor has released his budget proposal months of negotiations will follow at the state capitol.

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