Valley residents dream of millions in Powerball drawing

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With no jackpot winner, the next drawing is expected to rise above $1.3 billion, what would you spend it on?

Check your tickets: the winning numbers for tonight's $949 million Powerball drawing are 32-16-19-57-34 with a Powerball of 13.

It's the largest jackpot in U.S. history and so far, no word on who has the winning ticket. However in California, there were six tickets sold that had five out of those six numbers.
Each ticket costs $2, and Californians spent the most of any state on tickets, $37 million.

As a truck driver traveling from Bakersfield to British Columbia, Mark Cyrus picked up some coffee, and of course, one lottery ticket. "Actually I didn't know anything about it, I just saw it on Facebook," Cyrus said. As a Canadian, Cyrus can still play.

Any non-U.S. citizen can, as long as the ticket is bought legally. If he won, he says he'd pay off a mortgage and donate to charities. But would he keep his job as a truck driver? "No way, no, no," Cyrus said.

The lump sum payout is $558 million, and that kind of cash would help Janie Noiola help raise her two grandsons. She bought ten tickets for $20. "Grandma never buys it but today is something big so maybe a little luck," Noiola said.

Meanwhile, Matias Gonzalez thinks a little bit of strategy can only add to his luck. By taking his time, and picking his own numbers. "Well I'm just going based off of like the older numbers that they already picked out," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says he'd move far away, buy a mansion, and share the winnings with his family. He doesn't know if all that will happen, but he does believe someone's life is going to change forever. "I think someone's going to get the winning number this time," Gonzalez said.

Wednesday's drawing is expected to rise above $1.3 billion.

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