Working out in the cold wet weather

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Working out in the cold wet weather (KFSN)

Start out slow when you are working out in the cold weather especially early in the morning given that body is still inflexible from the night before. You want to warm up and get the blood flowing for your run or walk. Start out nice and easy making sure you pace yourself. There is no need to break any records. Also, be cautious on your run/walk in the cold/wet temperatures as it can be dangerous.

After your run/walk, stretching is very important. A simple stretch you can do is a hamstring stretch. You want to keep your legs straight and stretch towards your toe keeping your chin tall, take a nice cleansing breathe as you stretch forward; do not bounce; hold a stretch for 30 seconds to one minute.

The next stretch is a quadriceps stretch. Try to grab your leg and pull it towards your buns, hold onto something for stability. If you cannot grab your ankle, I like to use a stretching cord to help me with my stretch. Make sure you have accurate form when stretching, this is important to improve your flexibility and build a healthy muscle.

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