Low gas prices are making Fresno drivers happy

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Gas prices in the Fresno area are the lowest some experts and drivers have seen in years. (KFSN)

Gas prices in the Fresno area are the lowest some experts and drivers have seen in years.

Many people were going to this Fast and Easy because the gas was at $1.93 a gallon-- which made them the lowest on the street. And one local expert tells Action News it's likely the prices will stay this way for some time.

Robert Mullins can't remember the last time he filled up his tank for only $25. "This has been great, I've been loving these prices."

And Israel Villanueva-- well since he started driving a few years ago it's never been this low. "I'm not broke anymore. Before I would fill up and be broke for the week."

Happy customers are seeing these prices because there's an oversupply of gas that continues to flood the world market. Mike Martin is the operations manager at a local distributor and said this is good news for Americans, but it's not necessarily helping the economy just yet. "I think we're seeing people spend it on themselves. Taking extra trips, enjoying the fact that they've got extra cash. But they're not buying hard goods with it. And I think it's because they're expecting these prices to jump back up come summer."

While there might be hesitation to get used to these comfortable prices these Fresnans said they're enjoying the extra cash for as long as they can. "Especially since minimum wage went up I'm always on a full tank. Before I was always on a low tank. Now that prices are dropping-- man it's awesome," said Villanueva.

Martin tells Action News he expects this price to become the new normal as long as there's no geo-political issues, wars, or stoppage of foreign production.

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