Students from China are in the Central Valley learning from a local school about American culture

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Nearly 50 students from China are in the Central Valley to get a taste of American culture while experiencing the area?s rich agriculture (KFSN)

Nearly 50 students from China are in the Central Valley to get a taste of American culture while experiencing the area's rich agriculture.

At Fresno Christian School, students from China take notes and answer the teachers questions. They hope to blend in with local students while learning as much as they can about American culture.

Winnie, a Chinese student, spends the day with Tyrsten Ostrow, a fellow fifth grader. Ostrow tells us what they've enjoyed doing together. Ostrow says, "Basketball, jump rope, talking and playing." Winnie, whose Chinese name is Wang Wei Ning, says "Just to play with Tally and I can practice my English and I can know what American people often do."

Fresno Christian School Superintendent Jeremy Brown says they couldn't pass up the opportunity to partner with AmeriStudent and bring the 49 students from China to Fresno for two weeks. Brown says, "For our students it broadens their world out to realize these students live halfway across the globe. They're coming here and they get to exchange and you come into a classroom and you wouldn't know there's any kind of barrier because kids are kids at the heart of it."

The students from China are experiencing as much American culture as they can. From being out on the playground to checking out some of the Central Valley's agriculture.

Most of the students from China had never been on a farm before so the staff at Fresno Christian brought the several horses onto school grounds. The kids got the chance to pet them and see the horses up close. Fresno Christian is also bringing the kids to a local dairy on Tuesday.

Aside from agriculture, one Chinese student told us the biggest difference he sees between China and America. Billy, Chen Xi says, "The first different thing is we can breath fresh air here! Yes, the air is so clean and we can see the blue sky! There is no blue sky in China."

Adam Lee, AmeriStudent co-founder says, "We do try to make it fun and do some different field strips and stuff with the students. After school they go and live with an American family and eat American food and basically experience American culture."

AmeriStudent says some of the children enjoy their experience so much, they come back to Fresno for high school.

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