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Clovis West's Caleb Kelly Commits to Oklahoma Football

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Chris Alvarez (@ChrisABC30) goes 1-on-1 with Caleb Kelly (KFSN)

Chris Alvarez (@ChrisABC30) goes 1-on-1 with Caleb Kelly
Interview Transcript

Chris Alvarez - Tommy here with CW linebacker Caleb Kelly he's going to go all the way to Oklahoma it's Boomer Sooner time for this CW Eagle, what was the final determining factor and why did you chose Oklahoma?

Caleb Kelly - "Biggest thing it's weird because you aren't supposed to choose off coaches, but coach Mike Stoops just got a 3 year contract he was a big part in it. The other thing that set them aside from others, was I think I can make a change at Oklahoma, I just want to go and be something special over there."

Chris Alvarez- Clovis West also a big part of your story, what did you learn there?

Caleb Kelly - "Clovis West I learned how to love the people who hate you. Learned how to ignore all the bad comments especially. I'm playing this game for fun more than anything, I'm not playing it for the money or anything. I'm playing football because I love football and this is just what I do."

Chris Alvarez - That being said you had some fun with the Dallas Cowboys hat out there, are you sending Jerry Jones an early message?

Caleb Kelly - "If he wants to take me that's my team. But I would be find going anywhere in the NFL you don't get to pick there. Just going there that's a big thing."

Chris Alvarez - You talk about family a lot and maybe a great experience here, you put Coach Stoops on hold.

Caleb Kelly - "Coach Stoops is on hold because family is first. He is going to get my for four years, he's going to get me, they are going to get me for 4 months now. Every little bit I get with my family I have to get, I have to take advantage of. This is where I grew up, these are my people, this is my family, this is my last name, I love these people so much."

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