Warming temperatures have seasonal allergy sufferers feeling them kick in early

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With the warmer temperatures seasonal allergies are kicking in earlier than expected. (KFSN)

With the warmer temperatures seasonal allergies are kicking in earlier than expected. But they're commonly confused with a cold or the flu.

Watery eyes, a stuffy nose, maybe even a dry cough. Allergy symptoms are plaguing Valley residents earlier than expected. "The change in air quality and change in temperature tends to bother me a little bit more than other things," said Nancy Altschuler, Allergy Institute patient.

Altschuler is one of many suffering early on-set seasonal allergies. "For the last two weeks we've had more people coming in with more sneezing, itchy eye, nose, cough," said Dr. A.M. Aminian, allergy specialist.

But because this time of year is synonymous with cold and flu season, and the symptoms are so similar, many allergies go un-treated. "If you're not sure which one it is, listen to your body," said Dr. Aminian.

Dr. Aminian said indicators of infection include fatigue and a dull headache. "You do not get fever or chills with allergies. You do not get body ache with allergies."

Because its warming up flowers are blooming earlier, meaning there's more pollen in the air. Even though its supposed to cool down next week the pollens already out there. "Typically the pollens are released early morning hours," said Dr. Aminian.

So those prone to allergies should think twice about a morning jog. "With the heat here, we also get the air pollution," said Dr. Aminian.

As for protecting yourself, in addition to allergy shots to build immunities, try to stay indoors when the pollen count is high. "It's easier to take care of these things in the beginning than let it go too long, because, when it's more severe we have to use more medication to pull you out of it," explained Dr. Aminian.

Dr. Aminian adds keeping long hair out of your face when you sleep and keeping your windows closed overnight will reduce exposure.

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