Disabled Fresno child's stroller stolen in a McDonald's parking lot

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A Fresno mother says she's at her wits end after her disabled daughter's stroller is stolen in a McDonald?s parking lot. (KFSN)

"Have you had days where you're just like I don't know how much more I can do," said Jennifer Castillo.

A Fresno mother says she's at her wits end after her disabled daughter's stroller is stolen in a McDonald's parking lot. Castillo's daughter is physically and mentally handicapped so she has a specialized stroller. She was putting her almost 3-year-old in the car and had her back turned for just a minute. But when she turned back around the stroller was gone.

Mia Castillo is a ball of energy. Even with physical and mental handicaps, nothing slows her down. "Mia is missing part of her corpus collusum -- which is part of her brain," said Jennifer Berumen-Castillo.

Mia was born with a disorder that is extremely rare, one that affects only one in four billion children. So during her class at the little gym, her mom does most of the legwork, to prove doctors wrong. "When they told me that she wasn't going to be able to walk I knew that that wasn't true," said Castillo.

Mia has come a long way and so has her single mother, who's caring for her daughter while studying at Fresno State. So on Tuesday when Mia's specialized stroller was stolen, Castillo was in disbelief.

"(Tuesday) when all that happened, I was like you know what, I've got bigger fish to fry. I just can't even worry about that," said Castillo.

She was putting Mia in the car when someone took the stroller while her back was turned. The news traveled quickly to staff members at The Little Gym, who are fundraising for a new stroller.

"We always like to get the families involved, get the kids involved especially with maybe raising money for the Castillo family," said Aly Boggeri of The Little Gym.

Take a look at the class and you'll see everything this duo has overcome. But even Mia knows, life is tough without a little help.

The stroller costs almost $500-- so if you'd like to help, The Little Gym in Northeast Fresno is collecting donations. Anything raised beyond their goal, will be donated to a charity chosen by the Castillos.

Contact The Little gym here.

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