Repeated burglaries against Tower District businesses has Fresno PD taking action

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Fresno police are taking action after repeated burglaries have plagued Tower District businesses. (KFSN)

Fresno police are taking action after repeated burglaries have plagued Tower District businesses. Those local businesses are constantly reporting property crimes, and in response, the department is making a plan.

In just one-year smoke shop owner Anil Kumar said he's been burglarized five times. "One time they break and get inside and stole all the cigarettes from me-- Cigars."

The most recent attack-- two days ago when thieves failed to break through these metal gates. "That frustrate me, you know," said Kumar.

It's a problem throughout the city of Fresno and the police department is tackling by district. For local businesses in the Tower District, though, the attacks feel constant despite their efforts to come together and fight. "We work every day trying to take care of the family-- and it happen all the time. It's not good," said Kumar.

"The Tower District is unique. It's unique in that it is a close network of people that live there and work there, and, so that when things do occur everyone is aware of them," said Chief Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Department.

Dyer said that tight-knit community suffered a major loss when the central policing district closed after the recession. They're planning to re-open a station sometime this year. But in the meantime, they're providing extra officers to the area-- including some undercover. "They may not see them-- But they'll be there. And it's for the purpose of apprehending these people that are involved in the criminal activity," said Dyer.

The arrests can't come soon enough for Kumar-- who sometimes thinks about moving his business. "Sometimes I feel like it to be honest with you-- because I don't even make enough and I keep spending my money-- and just struggling every day."

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