Workout Wednesday's: Maximize the benefits of your workout routine

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The correct postures that will keep you from getting hurt. (KFSN)

When you start your exercise routine you want to get maximum benefit from your time spent in the gym. You want to pay close attention to your posture, form, and balance.


When doing a motion that you are curling or contracting you want a stiff firm straight wrist not a loose bent joint. It is easy to injure the wrist with poor form.

Triceps Pushdown

You want to lift your chest up and squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep your neck in a neutral position. When you push the weight down you want to keep your elbows close to your ribs for correct posture and form.


To keep the form correct, keep your chest pulled up, toes up slightly, and bend down slightly at the hips. Try not to let your knees go past your hips.

To have the best results in your workout always stay focused your posture and form.

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