3 teens accused of using sawed-off shotgun to rob elderly woman

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Three teenagers are accused of a home invasion robbery at a senior living center. (KFSN)

Fresno Police say a woman was targeted as she was walking up to her house Wednesday night near Sierra Vista and Butler in Southeast Fresno. They say someone put this sawed-off shotgun to her back and forced her inside, then stole her wallet and cell phone.

When officers arrived, they say the three suspects were seen walking down the street nearby.

"Once the two officers arrived and were able to secure the three individuals in handcuffs, they located a sawed off shotgun, stuffed down the pant leg of one of the juveniles," said Lt. Mindy Casto, Fresno Police Dept.

Police say the woman was not hurt. All three suspects were booked at the Fresno County Juvenile Hall.

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