Fresno man confronts burglar, hits him with cane

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A 74-year old fresno man wasn't afraid to fight off one of three burglars inside his house. (KFSN)

A 74-year old Fresno man wasn't afraid to fight off one of three burglars inside his house. The owner said this is not the first time he's been targeted by thieves.

It was just a little bit before 7:00 Tuesday morning when Vernon Huebschwerlen, who was sitting inside his house on McKinley and First Street, had an unexpected visitor knock on his door.

"She said, 'is Monique here' and I said, 'Monique who?' and she said, 'Monique my sister' which is the dumbest response I've ever heard beacause I don't know her."

So when the woman turned around to leave, Huebschwerlen turned to walk toward his other house next door. It's a vacant home and has been the target of thieves in the past, he said. So he wanted to make sure no one was inside.

"It wasn't more than six minutes till I was coming back."

And when he got back his deadbolt was locked.

"So I thought, am I getting senile because I never lock that lock. I unlock that lock and I go in and I heard noise."

Huebschwerlen said at that moment he realized his home was being burglarized. Three men, he said, were inside, and one one he came face-to- face with.

"So I pick up my cane, and I 'clunk' right on the back of his head."

The suspectcs had ransacked this 74-year-old man's home of 60 something years-- leaving with garbage bags filled of his belongings. Even taking off with his wallet and phone.

"He says, 'give me the phone' and when he moved he knocked this around this way and all the shirts fell on top of me, and I fell back on the bed."

However, those things he said he can get over, but there'e one thing he can't find and despertaely wants back.

"My favorite favorite, favorite, picture of my father isn't there and I don't know where the day it is."

Police are now looking for the three suspects responsible for the home invasion who are described as Hispanic men in their 20s. They are also looking for the woman who they say was likely a ploy to help with the crime.

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