Owner of Downtown Fresno bike shop says he's closing shop after recent burglary

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The owner of a Downtown Fresno bike store plagued by thieves said he's closing shop. (KFSN)

The owner of a Downtown Fresno bike store plagued by thieves said he's closing shop. This after a thief smashed his window again Wednesday morning and took off with two bikes.

A woman dressed in jeans, wearing high-heels, was out for more than a stroll early Wednesday morning.

"This person was looking through the windows," said Darren Johnson, Fulton Cycle Works.

She was looking to steal. The thief, caught on surveillance video, smashed the glass at Fulton Cycle Works in Downtown Fresno. Climbing in and grabbing a bike that belonged to a customer and was there for repair.

When she realized it didn't have any pedals, she tosses it.

"She comes back like three or four minutes later," said Johnson.

And this time, with more aggression, nearly ripping out the entire glass window to get what she wants.

Johnson is no stranger to this story. In February, his store was burglarized not once or twice, but three times. And making it two whole months without it happening again was giving him a sense of hope.

"I was starting to feel a little bit more confident about the place and getting ready to invest a little bit more in the infrastructure of the shop."

Now his motivation is shot. And so too are his plans of putting up security bars. A concept he says was finally coming together after a slow start with the contractor.

"We've been collecting bike frames from the beginning to do our artistic setup. We were close as of yesterday to get that project started," said Johnson.

Upsetting news for customers.

"It is sad, it's sad," said Christina Rea, customer .

And a tough reality for the owner-- an air guardsman of 17 years-- who is realizing his dream of having a bike shop was stolen right out the front window.

"Honestly, I can't see what it'll take to keep me down here. As far as I see it right now, Fresno is closed," said Johnson.

Both bikes stolen were recovered. One near an apartment complex on Belmont and Palm.

And the owner said his insurance company has already reached out telling him that he will be dropped.

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