Fresno firefighters vexed by fire truck used in political campaign

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The use of an old fire truck with a sign that states "Lee Brand for Mayor" doesn't sit well with the Fresno Firefighters Association. (KFSN)

The use of an old fire truck to campaign for a Fresno mayoral candidate doesn't sit well with the Fresno Firefighters Association.

For 16 years, Richard Caglia has used an antique fire truck to show political support for candidates or causes.

But a sign that states "Lee Brand for Mayor" hoisted on the fire truck angered the Fresno Firefighters Association.

They felt it was an effort to deceive the public.

"Absolutely, absolutely. Those kinds of tactics are used to meant to confuse voters and there's a reason they're using a fire truck," association vice president James Scoggins said.

The FFA and Fresno Police Union back Henry Perea, but during an event at city hall Caglia strategically drove his fire truck right into the background though it now sported a "Yes on C" sign.

"What my understanding was is their initial reaction was deception to the public and that's not at all the case," Caglia said. "It's an attention-getting device and that's why exactly I pulled it out years ago."

"Essentially we're just expressing our freedom of speech rights," Caglia said.

"What may be legally okay doesn't necessarily mean it's ethically right," Scoggins said.

Lee Brand says he had nothing to do with the fire truck but appreciated the support from Caglia.

"I think this is about the special interests that are trying to promote their cause and their candidate and their candidate's job is to get them more money," Brand said. "My job is to save the taxpayers money.

Brand calls the fire truck sign is a non-issue which takes away from the campaign's more serious issues.

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