Clovis family reeling after fire tears through home and thieves steal belongings

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For this family of 10, the misfortune of a kitchen fire turned into misery when dozens of boxes and bags in their driveway were stolen in the middle of the night. (KFSN)

A Clovis family is recovering from one setback after another.

First, a house fire destroys their kitchen and then burglars stole what was left behind.

The fisher family says without faith, they couldn't survive.

"We packed everything up and everyone from church came and packed it up," family members said.

A stove left burning while they were at church and it started a fire.

"Our refrigerator got so hot that it melted," they said. "We don't even know if it works anymore. It destroyed the kitchen, but the rest of the house was saved."

For this family of 10, if that wasn't enough their misfortune turned into misery.

"A week and a half of basically emptying the house and it was exhausting," father of the family Richard Fisher said.

Dozens of boxes and bags were in their driveway and they were stolen in the middle of the night.

"And to come home and to see them gone was devastating," Fisher said. "In some ways, it hurt more than the fire."

The thieves stole necessities.

"They took all my son's clothes and his toys and he's only 15 months old," Fisher said.

Also in the pile was Rhonda Fisher's bridal gown, and, worst of all, their the oldest daughter's wedding dress, whose ceremony is this July.

"I fell in love with that dress," daughter Rebecca Palomo said. "And it's gone now and I'm heartbroken, I really am."

The memories were stolen, some before they were made.

"The wedding dresses, the prom dresses, the baby blankets I made them before they were born," Rhonda said. "Their christening dress that I can't pass down to my grandchild."

Now the Fishers are leaning on their convictions as much as each other.

The Fisher family set up a GoFundMe account for those who wish to help, here.

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