Made in the Valley: Triple Delight Blueberries

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Sweet, locally grown blueberries. (KFSN)

It's harvest time and buckets of blueberries are being poured into pallets at the Sorensen Farm in Fresno County.

Out in the field, workers look for just the right berries to harvest.

"We all love to eat blueberries ourselves and it's something for our customers brings happiness. People love blueberries," said Kim Sorensen, Triple Delight Blueberries.

The Sorensen family has been selling hand picked berries at farmers markets here in the Valley and the Bay Area since 1999.

"We would go to one market in a Saturday morning and from there 15 years later, we are selling our entire crop, pretty much our whole crop at farmers markets," said Kim.

These days they sell the natural treats at 60 farmers markets a week during the spring and summer months in cities like Santa Cruz and San Francisco. They say the farm to table movement has fueled their growth.

"They want to know where their food comes from. It's a big issue for a lot of people right now. They want to look us in the eye and ask us questions about how we farm," said Kim.

Kim's husband Mark is a fifth generation raisin farmer, but added blueberries as an activity with his family. These days, he grow 5 varieties of the berry.

"They all taste different like a grape or a wine," said Mark.

As for Sorensen, he enjoys farming, but one of the best parts of growing blueberries is seeing his daughters grow in the process.

"As they got older, they started bringing their boyfriends and those boyfriends turned into husbands and now those husbands are working for me and its taught all of them to love and appreciate farming," said Mark.

A family rooted with love for a locally grown treat.

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