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El Capitan High School takes school pride to new level (KFSN)

The world of technology is changing every day. In Merced, El Capitan High School is molding the minds of their students through media.

"Everything that's Gaucho we will broadcast it," says Gaucho Network Broadcast Coordinator Alex Castillo. "We actually don't just do sporting events, we do live theatrical performances, concerts, school rallies."

The Gaucho Network began in December of 2013, continuing to grow and expand every year since.

"I've been in this club since the start of it, it's always kind of been my field, technology, when I saw this I was kind of really interested," said Gaucho Network President Jacob Frederick.

Club member Noemy Escobar added, "Kind of got interested, i was like digital media, i have no idea what that is but it sounds pretty cool, cameras and everything, so I was like, 'Sure, why not?'"

The Gaucho Network was recently recognized for their hard work at the national level.

"We were named the best new school broadcast program in the country and that was actually against 2 schools that were back east," said Castillo.

"Getting that award was kind of great actually that made us feel accomplished for what we've done, we know we are actually making a difference," said Frederick.

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