New evidence and family drama during trial of Fresno man accused of killing 2 brothers

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Demenek Greenberry is on trial for shooting and killing Denzel and Willie Ford and new evidence shows there was a fourth gun involved. (KFSN)

Domenek Greenberry is on trial for shooting and killing brothers Denzel and Willie Ford. Police said the Ford brothers went over to Greenberry's apartment to confront him about dating their underage sister. Court records reveal they were armed, and so was Greenberry, but new evidence shows there was a fourth gun involved.

While emotional and angry family members hollered in the hallway, Greenberry sat in Department 32 listening to the drama outside. He was prepared to proceed with the preliminary hearing Monday before his attorney said he needed more time after receiving new and potentially groundbreaking evidence in the case.

"The report indicated the presence of a bullet, or bullet fragment, inside the body of Willie Ford that was identified that did not match forensically to any of the guns recovered at the scene," said Scott Baly, Greenberry's attorney.

The information, just revealed in a Department of Justice report finished late last week, showed a bullet piece that was not from one of the guns found at the crime scene. Baly said the revelation is important because it could point to another suspect in the double murder.

"I wanna see if there's a possibility of another firearm or another shooter that day."

The defense wants more information, including the autopsy report, to determine which bullet killed Willie and whether it was from the outstanding gun and a potential mysterious suspect.

Court records do reveal a second suspect, Reggie Cannon, was also seen running away from the scene and jumping a wall, but he was never arrested.

While attorneys work to analyze the evidence in the case, they are also dealing with a unique dynamic and two families who refuse to peacefully wait for the justice system to take its course.

Before the hallway shouting scene, several members of the victim and suspects family were asked to step out of the courtroom for being disruptive.

A new preliminary hearing has been set for next week.

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