Bernie Sanders speaks in Visalia

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Bernie Sanders addresses specific to the Central Valley in Visalia. (KFSN)

Sanders spoke for about an hour on some of his favorite issues today, ones we've heard since the start of his campaign.

Tuition free college, a $15 federal minimum wage, ending the war on drugs mass incarceration, and the corrupt campaign finance system. But he also addressed issues specific to California including legalizing recreational marijuana this November and addressing widespread poverty by fixing a rigged economy.

Here in Tulare County, Sanders says there is a 25% poverty rate, and many people have a tough time accessing food, shelter, transportation and medical care. He also said he recently visited with the United Farm Workers in Delano to understand what Cesar Chavez fought for 50 years ago. Issues he says Valley farm workers still face today.

"Farm workers are entitled to the same rights that every other worker in America enjoys. Farm workers should not be exempt from labor law. Farm workers who do backbreaking work in days like today, hot days like today, must receive decent wages and decent benefits."

Sanders also touched on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He says while Trump insults everyone from Hispanics, to Women, to Veterans. Sanders said trump wont win because Americas strength is diversity. He also says Trump denies California's severe drought and global climate change.

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