Action News' 1-on-1 interview with Bernie Sanders

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Before Senator Bernie Sanders addressed the crowd at the Fresno Fairgrounds, he held a personal interview with Action News reporter Gene Haagenson, talking about the Valley. (KFSN)

Before Senator Bernie Sanders addressed the crowd at the fairgrounds he held a personal interview with Action News reporter Gene Haagenson, talking about the Valley and his campaign to win the Democratic Party's nomination for President.

Sanders sees the Central Valley with stops in Bakersfield, Delano, Visalia and Fresno.

He was impressed by the crops, but concerned by the poverty.

"It's just kind of mind blowing to see the expanse of land here so much agriculture is taking place we are actually in the breadbasket of the United States of America and it is beautiful but a lot of people are hurting," Sanders said.

"And what I have learned today and what I learned yesterday is a lot of the farm workers in this community are working for wages that are much too low. Not getting the health care and the other benefits they need and that's and issue that needs to be addressed."

"You talk about billionaires on Wall Street, but there are billionaires and millionaires here in this valley who own this farmland?" An Action News reporter asked.

"That's right, that's right and billionaires should be paying their workers a living wage and billionaires should not be polluting the water that people have to drink," Sanders replied.

He scoffed at Donald Trump's pronouncement in Fresno that there is no drought in California, and said climate change would make it much worse. He also attacked Trump's continued call to build a wall on the Mexican border.

"I will not build a wall, I think Trump's ideas are abhorrent for what this country stands for what I will do is to fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship," Sanders said.

Sanders dismisses Hillary Clinton's claim she has the nomination sewn up, and says it's disturbing that the TV networks will declare winner in the delegate count before the polls close in California on June 7.

"Yeah, it does because it's inaccurate what the reality is secretary Clinton will not have enough pledged delegates, the real delegates, to get the majority of delegates she needs to win, she will not have that," Sanders explained. "What she will have is super delegates but super delegates cannot vote until late July at the convention."

And, in response to calls that he should quit the race because he's hurting Hillary Clinton.

"Well I think Hillary has the opportunity last I heard it's a free country and Hillary Clinton can come out to Fresno and make her case to 10,000 people here," he said.

"Finally, you'd like to debate her and or Trump?" an Action News reporter asked.

"Yeah, I would," Sanders replied. "Either or both at any time."

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