Attempted robbery ends with deadly confrontation

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A 17-year-old Fresno boy has died after a robbery attempt and shootout at a store in Easton. (KFSN)

A 17-year-old Fresno boy has died after a robbery attempt and shootout at a store in Easton.

Sheriff's deputies said Isaac Garcia of Fresno was one of two armed suspects who attempted to rob the Jiffy Store on Elm Avenue. But the store owner had a gun and shot the teen after he was fired on.

Deputies said surveillance video shows the young man and a companion rushed into the store, and confronted the owner who was behind the counter.

"Almost immediately, the clerk and the robber drew guns on each other. It looks like the robber shot at the clerk first, missed him, the clerk fired back," said Tony Botti, Fresno Co. Sheriffs'Dept.

The store owner didn't realize he'd hit one of the suspects until deputies found the young man's body about 50 yards away. They also found a gun and are now looking for the second suspect.

The store was closed for much of the day and customers who came by praised the owners actions.

"It'll slow 'em down won't it. We don't need that around here," said Rodney Brooks, Kingsburg.

"It's tough, you know what you are getting yourself into when you go in and rob a store, you know. These guys have guns and you might get shot," said Santiago Hnidey, Easton.

The store has been a frequent target and back in 1990 the owners brother was shot and killed by a robber, who has never been captured. This time, the tables were turned.

"He operates his daily business carrying a gun and in this case, it might have saved his life," said Botti.

At this point it appears the owner was within his rights to defend himself, but the case is being reviewed by the district attorneys office.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the Fresno County Sheriffs Department.

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