Fresno cab drivers asking city officials to even the playing field with ride-sharing services

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For more than a year taxi drivers have been asking the city to modify regulations so they can compete with ride-sharing services. (KFSN)

Fresno taxi drivers are frustrated with city government. For more than a year they have been asking the city to modify regulations so they can compete with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Fresno's cabbies said they have been hit hard by ride-sharing services. They claim the number of cab drivers has dropped from more than 100 to less than 30 because they can't compete with the low prices charged by Uber and Lyft.

"With Uber and Lyft is really hard to compete with them, because they are charging way too cheap," said Julio Bejar, cab driver.

City regulations control how much cabs must charge. More than $2 a mile, compared to typical Uber rates of about $1 a mile.

Cab drivers must pay for commercial licenses, insurance, city business licenses, and pay workman's comp insurance to the state. In addition to paying for car inspections and meeting city standards.

City Council Member Clint Olivier urged his fellow council members to find a way to make things more equitable.

"We adopted a resolution that instructs the staff to come up with a deregulation and reform package that will level the playing field with Uber and Lyft."

Bejar would like to see some rules and fees relaxed, but as far as prices, he would like the city to require Uber and Lyft to raise their prices to taxi levels.

"Just have a set rate for everybody, Uber and the Taxi industry, the same."

The city staff is expected to come up with some kind of a suggested ordinance in the next month or so while cabbies see their livelihoods slip away.

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