Operations resume after closure at Ruiz Foods due to health concern

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Dinuba's largest employer Ruiz Foods had to close down after the USDA spotted a health concern. (KFSN)

Dinuba's largest employer Ruiz Foods had to close down after the USDA spotted a health concern.

Things are back to normal at Ruiz Foods after the USDA found a door in the processing area with food residue on it. The company said the door was removed, sanitized, and reinstalled, which may sound like a simple fix, but it got a lot of people talking.

"My husband use to drive (a) truck for a company that would haul Ruiz's products to Los Angeles and all over, so it affects the people, the truck drivers, it affects the people that live here," said Ilaria Rodarte, Dinuba.

Even though the situation didn't last very long, it was enough to get the city's attention.

"I was surprised and shocked actually because Ruiz Foods is a large manufacturer in or community-- but also nationwide-- of frozen Mexican food. And so it was not something we ever hear of coming from Ruiz Foods," said Jayne Anderson, Dinuba Assistant City Manager.

Anderson said she's been inside the plant where they have strict rules. Now those rules may get even tougher as executives had to work with health officials to come up with an action plan to fix the issue. Something they'll monitor for 90 days.

Still, many are just glad to see the company back in business.

"We are very relieved, very happy. We think of Ruiz Foods as a major partner with us. We always look out for the best of all of our business partners, so we're very happy for them that things are going well," said Anderson.

"It's a cleanup thing. Clean up, keep on going," said Rodarte

About 850 employees were affected by the shutdown. They were back at work Monday afternoon and we're told they won't miss out on any pay.

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