Tentative results of Fresno County Supervisor District elections

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The second time around proved to be a charm for Magsig - the first time around he lost to Poochigian. (KFSN)

Clovis mayor Nathan Magsig pulled a major victory tonight in the race for District 5 supervisor in Fresno County.

He took a strong lead right when the first numbers were released Tuesday evening

The second time around proved to be a charm for Magsig - the first time around he lost to Poochigian. His opponent, this time, was supported by the outgoing supervisor but lacked name recognition and a strong financial backing.

"We started out at zero dollars and he transferred $130,000 of his city council money to the county board of supervisors," candidate Alex Ott said. "So when you have money, you have name ID and you are starting from scratch - it's definitely a difficult road to climb."

To the race for Fresno County Board of Supervisors in District 3.

It could be settled tonight.

Sal Quintero has more than 50 percent of the vote with 85 percent of precincts reporting as of 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

Falling in second is Dan Ronquillo with 27 percent.

"The roads are crumbling they need repair and it's a basic type of quality of life that I feel is important," Quintero said. "Jobs, of course, are important and hiring more sheriff's and updating technology in the county."

Ronquillo had more of a somber party.

The former city councilman said he had a good run and tells us losing is not going to stop him from being active in the community.

He wanted to thank those who helped him get this far.

"Those that voted for him I want to say, 'Thank you from the bottom of my heart' I really appreciate you feeling I could be a good representative for you," Ronquillo told his supporters.

Quintero, if he wins, will replace Fresno County supervisor Henry Perea as he makes his run for mayor.

In the Fresno City Council District 6 race, Garry Bredefeld has taken an early lead with 52 percent of the vote late Tuesday night.

He is on a mission to get back to city hall.

He was actually in this seat back 1997 and he served through 2001.

This time around, he's hoping to replace Lee Brand, who has termed out.

It'll take, 51 percent of the vote to do so and since, these numbers only represent early mail-in absentee ballots, he's not quite ready to count out his opponents.

"Hopefully we can win it tonight, but if we don't, we'll go to a runoff and as I said, nobody will outwork me, nobody will out-walk me and I think people will understand, I will work as hard as I did before and I will do it again," Bredefeld said.

We also talked with Jeremy Pearce who is better known as the Elvis impersonator.

This is his first time running for office and he's counting on a second place win Tuesday night.

"Our goal was, one step at a time to take second Tuesday night and first in November and it looks like things are headed that way and we're excited about it," he said.

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