Family of Fresno cobbler killed in 2014 gun store robbery reaches lawsuit agreement

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George Sheklian's family says the lawsuit wasn't about money. It was about the gun store improving its security to prevent another tragedy. (KFSN)

More than a year after a gun heist ended their father's life, a Fresno family is finally getting a little bit of closure.

Robbers killed 85-year-old George Sheklian while robbing a gun store next to his shoe repair shop.

Sheklian's family sued the business owner for negligence and Action News has learned both parties have finally reached a settlement.

Just like he learned how to stitch from his father, so has Arsen Sheklian learned the craft of turning a bad memory into good.

"When you're in that situation and it's so fresh, it's that fresh wound," he said. "You could feel some anger, and maybe I have."

When his father George died following a gun store robbery in December of 2014 Arsen said he didn't want others to feel his loss.

It was pain he said could have been prevented had the owner of Fresno Firearms improved security after prior thefts.

"I mean even times before, Marilyn had said to us that one day they are going to find us dead in here," he said. "Now that it's a safer place it won't be a target anymore."

The Sheklian's filed a wrongful death lawsuit and lawyers say, after weeks of negotiation, there's an agreement.

Fresno Firearms agreed to a self-audit for five years and provide details like their inventory.

"Now's there are bars in the window, there's a keypad," Arsen said.

Fresno Firearms didn't respond to our phone calls but the security system does appear to be a lot more robust.

Customers have to buzz in to get access and the Sheklians say they hope other gun stores follow suit.

"It feels a lot better, like we can move forward a little, but more things have to happen before we get the closure we need," Arsen said.

Arsen says the lawsuit was never about money, just a way for his father's legacy to live on beyond the walls of his shoe repair shop.

"My dad was the type that if he could give his up for someone else, he would," he said. "And if this happens to be the case, that yeah, absolutely he would be happy."

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