Safe from Scams: daylight burglaries

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Thieves are walking right into someone's home and stealing valuables during the day.

Authorities say crimes that take place in daylight hours are on the rise. Thieves are walking right into someone's home and stealing valuables during the day.

"Says he is interested in buying the house two doors down. He said, 'I got kids', he was talking about the neighborhood about the kids. He says come on I want to show you something outside there," said Sandy Velesovsky, fraud victim.

So Sandy walked out of her house and followed the young man just two doors down from her own home. Just moments later, she heard her home phone ring.

As she begins to walk back, she was stunned to see a man running out of her house.

"I seen him, I was in shock because there was nobody in my house. He ran out, I ran down after him because he was in my yard. He ran-- the guy that was on the stairs, he ran."

She discovered the man had gone into her bedroom.

"Robbed me of two items out of my jewelry box. They were expensive items-- a gold, heavy gold, chain and a ruby necklace."

"Well, unfortunately, there may be more of this type of thing than you and I even realize," said Ken Welniak, US Postal Inspector.

Sandy's husband left the house just moments before the incident and she believes these men had been watching them. Authorities say con men are becoming brazen.

"Criminals will stake out neighborhoods, seemingly good neighborhoods, and they will wait for people to come outside and start their cars in the winter, go back in the house and they'll steal their cars," said Welniak.

Their advice is simple.

"It's a good idea to be aware of your surroundings. To pay attention to what's happening in your neighborhood," said Welniak.

Sandy said she isn't worried about her safety now. The beware of dog sign says it all.

Another piece of advice, if someone comes to your house claiming to be a utility worker or from the city, ask for identification. If they can't supply it, do not open your door.

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