3 Fresno men retrace the steps of Black Lives Matter protest with prayer walk

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For several hours Tuesday night Devon Caitlin and two other friends retraced the steps Black Lives Matter protestors walked Saturday. (KFSN)

The discussion about police brutality in Fresno is far from over. Leaders of the Black Lives Matter group plan on holding another protest Wednesday.
It follows Saturday's demonstration that closed down roads for hours in Fresno and Clovis.

The sidewalk on Shaw Avenue is becoming a familiar trail for Devon Caitlin.

"I'd already been out here once, I thought why not come out again."

A place he's come to associate with finding peace after violence across the country.

For several hours Tuesday night he and two other friends retraced the steps Black Lives Matter protestors walked Saturday. A seven-mile journey where he had walked and listened to the plight of the black community.

"I can understand how black people would believe that a system is racist against them and that they experience racism," said Caitlin.

While Saturday's confrontational protest drew local attention, this prayer walk was more about peaceful discussion. This time, the conversations touched upon loss on all sides.

"Because there's definitely hurt on both sides, and there's definitely pain and anger on both sides. Compromise can be worked towards, but it has to be worked towards," said Shane Williams, Fresno.

Williams is thinking about attending Wednesday's protest but hopes the gathering focuses more on delivering a message than causing a scene.

"At one point the protestors on Saturday tried going on the 41 on the on-ramp and that's obviously a very huge safety concern for law enforcement. I feel like that was a misguided attempt."

The trio believes it's also a distraction from the goal of bringing everyone together, to a day where everyone can peacefully coexist.

"I'm not a police officer and obviously, you can tell I'm not black, but I can see both sides of it," said Caitlin.

The protest on Wednesday starts here at 6:00 p.m. and will end at the Fresno Police Department.

After all, that is over another town hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday.

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